Is the Oahu (or any) GO Card Worth It?

Everyone loves a good deal. I sure as heck do. Any event I attend, every activity I do, you better believe I am researching the absolute shiz out of Groupon, Living Social, Yipit, MyDeal, you name it.


The face of elation after finding a good deal. (p.s. this butterfly is in Haleiwa the surfer town!)


We were lucky enough to be gifted Oahu GO cards for our wedding but as we went along and chose/did the activities, we really evaluated the deal we were getting. We wanted to see if this was something we would have potentially bought for ourselves or would recommend to others.

The card that we got was for 4 days and cost $360 for 2 people.


-We were able to do a LOT of REALLY EXPENSIVE things! Pearl Harbor alone was $130 for the two of us, and included all of the major attractions such as the U.S.S. Missouri and the U.S.S. Bowfin.

-It opened our eyes to a lot of different options for activities (although I knew about most of them … I love to research things to do!)

-We definitely got our exercise running around to each activity trying to fit it all in!


-It was REALLY hard to fit in everything that we wanted to do in only 4 days. This was exacerbated by the fact that Oahu seems to close everything at 4pm!

-Some of the activities we were very disappointed in (looking at you DOLE)

-A lot of the “activities” were tricks. It showed a price like $22 to go on a hike BUT WITH US IT’S FREE!! When you look into it, you see that the hike (or whatever) is free, but the $22 is for transportation. Which would be cheaper if you just walked to it, rented a car, or sometimes even got an Uber or Lyft.

What do you think so far?

So overall if we would have done all of the activities on the card that we fit in and paid for it ourselves, we would have spent $556 for two people. The cards were $360 for two people so yes we would have “saved money” (if we bought it ourselves).  However, many activities on the cards we just didn’t want to do. One of the activities was “shopping.” A tour company would literally charge a (to me) crazy amount of money to just drop you off at a mall, but it showed on the card as some amazing “shopping” deal. It’s not, read the fine print!

Another thing is this card requires a LOT of planning ahead. We printed out the whole thing and by the end it was shredded to bits, highlighted all over, and scribbled on. We even drew maps on it!  Something to keep in mind is that you are (presumably) on vacation, and if you buy something like the GO Card, with limited times you can use it depending on how many days you buy it for, you will most likely overbook yourself. We had to do quite a bit of rearranging because we didn’t quite know how much time to give ourselves for say, Pearl Harbor or the Bishop Museum. Since we are crazy, we also wrote down prices for all of the activities to see how we could best get “our” money’s worth. (We are the people that go home hurting from the buffet because …. we paid good money dammit!)

Also, we were really silly and assumed we could pick as many as we wanted from the “premier attractions” at the top of the page. They included things like swimming with the dolphins at Sea Life Park, the luau + entrance fee + Ha: Breath of Life show at the PCC, and a sunset catamaran sail. Nope! Oops … we ended up picking the PCC and actually bought the sunset sail on Groupon for very cheap. Read the fine print!


Very worth it

I just went to the Go Oahu Card website and saw they have a handy dandy little feature where you can “build your own card,” so I tried building one that included all of the activities that we actually ended up doing and reached a total of $416. I didn’t include a couple things because they just weren’t on there, such as the Pineapple Maze at Dole. A MUST SEE!! (kidding… read this). The fun thing about doing it that way is that you have 30 whole days to use the card! So much nicer, but also more expensive for each attraction.

We had fun, we appreciated the gift, but I think next time I would really sit down and think about everything I wanted to do in that city first then compare it to the card. If all of the activities I wanted to do were on there and I thought we could smash them out with plenty of time, I’d do it again. If only one or two of the activities I wanted were included and ultimately I’d be paying more for a “deal” because I didn’t want to do 80% of the things.

What do you think? Have you used a Go Card before? Was it worth it?


I can’t end this blog without introducing my new baby! His name is Laniakea and he was crocheted by Brent’s coworker as a birthday present to me, how sweet is that? We will really miss the kind people we met here!


Meet Me on the Veranda

Sorry for the break in posts, I had some wonderful people visiting me for a week! My family!

It was so fun to have them here, and we got to show them a lot of our favorite things here on Oahu as well as explore some new things.


Like Iolani Palace!

I can’t believe we have been here for almost 6 months and hadn’t been to one of the most popular tourist destinations.

Building began on the palace in 1879 and in its lifetime housed Hawaii’s leaders King Kalakaua and Queen Lili’uokalani. The queen would eventually be imprisoned there.  Interestingly, the palace was the first place to have electricity in Hawaii, and even had it before the White House in DC!  There were no light switches inside the palace though, so each flip on and off of the lights had to be planned ahead of time to be done at the source of the electricity.  Luckily this was pretty easy as the palace also had a telephone!


Unfortunately not too many of Hawaii’s leaders were able to rule from the palace as the monarchy was overthrown in 1893 by Americans on the island.  Queen Lili’uokalani who was ruler at the time was locked away in a very small corner of the palace. The Hawaiians tried to bring the monarchy back to power but the island was flooded with marines that put it down quickly. The United States shortly after had to put its attention to the Spanish-American war so Hawaii was quickly anexed. The Hawaiian flag was lowered and replaced by the stars and stripes. All that Hawaii has really ever gotten from the United States for taking their land was a signed apology from Congress and Bill Clinton in 1993.

While the queen was locked away she put herself to work on a “crazy quilt” which is exactly what it sounds like.


See what I mean?

On it she included family names, friends, and important dates such as when she took the crown and when she lost the throne.

Most impressive to me was the throne room, which included royal gowns, insignia, and crowns.


We paid for the audio tour, which was $14.75 for adults. They also have guided tours for $21.75 but look at the website to make sure the time you would like to go is available. The days we were there the guided tours were only available for an hour in the morning that was long past. The grounds are always open during the day so feel free to take a walk around for free if you don’t want to pay to get inside. Just like in any big city though, there are several homeless individuals that will be taking naps around the property.


Brent modeling his snazzy audio tour iPod

Included in either tour (or available to purchase separately for $5) is entrance to the basement galleries where you can see the royal jewels, the kitchen, and other items.


Queen Naomi in the basement galleries

Overall the tour was very informative and for all of us the most interesting part was seeing how all of the palace’s items were tracked down and restored. All of the palace furniture including drapes and bed frames had been sold at auction when the queen lost power. It was quite crazy to see how far some of the items had made it before being returned to Oahu!

On your audio tour, make sure you aren’t as silly as I was and make sure you click “hear more” instead of just skipping to the next room. Oops!

I do wish there was a little more information and more to see inside the palace but they are sticking to their guns of only palace originals so a few of the rooms are pretty bare. I’m sure as items are restored and returned it will become even more beautiful!


Can you tell what these “flowers” are made of?

Parking is also somewhat of a hassle. The palace is downtown and in the middle of quite a few one way streets. They don’t really have much of their own parking so it is first come first serve for street parking. Bring your quarters! And pay attention to signs that display the maximum time allowed to stay parked there. If you are a slower reader or just like to take your time you may need to go move your car once. We did, and we parked in a 2 hour space.


So many interesting things to see!

You may take photos (this seems to be a newer rule) but ***NO FLASH***. If you are local, pay attention to the palace’s occasional Kama’aina Sundays for a discount. Loud and disruptive children will be asked to leave so please be considerate! No large bags are allowed, and our water bottles had to be left in an unattended box outside of the palace. And even though this is Hawaii, swimsuits are not considered appropriate attire for viewing the palace so leave the bikini for the beach!

I got into a habit of asking my family out of 10 pineapples, how many pineapples would you give this activity? Iolani palace got a resounding 8.5/10 pineapples. There are also quite a few interesting things to see in the area as well so take advantage of that paid parking! The very first Christian church Kawaiahao Church is kitty corner, and the homes of the missionaries are one street over. Directly across the street is a very old post office that is worth a stroll through, and next to that is Ali’iolani Hale which now houses the Hawaiian Supreme Court. Make sure to take a picture with King Kamehameha the Great out front!


Is Iolani Palace on your list of things to do?

So you want to get your California license

You’re in for a heck of a time my friend!

I hope you have lots of patience.

First let’s go over why you would want your California license (because you should!).

  1. You are paid much more in California (as of September 2017, around $20K more than your average assignment)
  2. California is AMAZING (in our opinion!) – snow, sun, beach, Disneyland, vegan food, great shopping, Universal Studios, etc. etc.
  3. As a travel tech, your housing is paid for which completely takes care of one of the major downsides to living in California. After that, all you have to tackle is food and entertainment!
  4. There are so many incredible positions available in California that you can pick whatever works best for you. This is because in California, it’s a lot more work to get a state license than in most places and lab assistants are not allowed to perform as many tasks as in most other states.

Now, this is not an exhaustive list of California requirements just a few tips concerning some of the usual snags. Make sure you do your own research and keep all of your bases covered such as the previously discussed tax home!

First, go here. This is the California department of public health website which is currently under renovation (and has been for the a long time).  That webpage is where  you can currently get most of the information you’ll need about obtaining a California lab licence.

Something to consider for older travel tech-ers looking for a California assignment is if your ASCP examination was before 2002 it will unfortunately not count.  You will need to take a California certification exam.  😦 Good news for the younger travelers is you are good to go with the exam you already took!

You will need to send in school transcripts, your certification test results, work experience, and eventually take a quick California State law quiz. Something that was nice to discovery was that the quiz is very easy and repeatable if you mess up.  Something that we were particularly worried about is the required physics credit. One of the academic requirements is a physics credits in electricity and magnetism.  Luckily, Brent had taken a very similar physics class that they accepted instead, so make sure you ask questions! (which can actually be kind of impossible sometimes … see a couple paragraphs below!)

Another struggle that Brent experienced is that your lab director needs to verify on official letterhead all of your lab experience including at least one year in ALL the different subjects.  Microbiology may be hard for some of you that haven’t done anything in the department since school as most lab tech jobs don’t really require a rotation in micro.  If you have your boss fill out this form it may make it easier for you to make sure that they are signing off on all the different competencies at once.

***Please beware***

It can take up to 5 months to actually get a California license.  It’s fairly expensive ($230) and you need to maintain it with continuing education credits also.  Also, it is pretty much impossible to get to anyone on the phone in order to ask questions.  Brent called several times at different times of day and left quite a few messages but so far we are 0 for 0 at reaching a real human.  What worked best for him is to email  You will usually get a response within a day or two.

Those are some of our “insider tips” if you will to getting your California License!  We both wish you the best of luck, and please reach out or comment below if you have any further questions, we are no experts but we do love to help. It is sometimes just nice to talk to someone that has been through the same experience! 🙂


Touring the Temple


A couple weeks ago we took the opportunity to “road trip” small island style over to Kaneohe to take a peek at the gorgeous tourist destination Byodo-In Buddhist Temple.

To get there you must drive through the Valley of Temples. It is just about as epic as it sounds – it is a majestic cemetery on a hill with different sections for quite a few different religions such as Catholic, Protestant, and Shinto. There are also chapels and mausoleums that we didn’t get the opportunity to explore but would have made for quite the experience.

The parking lot for the temple is quite small, so be prepared to walk quite a ways and to also make way for gigantic tour buses. If you are actually on one of those buses you will get dropped at the front!

The temple costs $5 per person, and you can also purchase food for the various animals on the grounds!

Like these black geese and enormous koi! We saw a couple turtles that swam over for a treat as well.


This picture does not even begin to show how absolutely ginormous these toads are. Don’t fall in, they might swallow you whole!

After walking across the bridge and taking in the view of the temple, which is a replica of one in Japan that is now 950 years old, turn to your left to see the Bon-Sho.


Grab a hold of the wooden shu-moku to ring the bell before entering the temple to bring you blessings and happiness! Always a good thing to have on a vacation.

Take your shoes off to enter the main room of the temple which holds the Amida Buddha carved by the famous Masuzo Inui.


Make sure to wander around and find the meditation pavilion and the tea house gift shop where you can find unique Buddhist trinkets and Japanese treats.

Overall it was a nice experience but I probably wouldn’t go out of my way to visit unless I was perhaps a Buddhist and visiting really meant something to me. In my personal opinion, I would rather visit an authentic temple in Japan that would be far older and have more history.  The grounds were tiny and it took us about 15 minutes to walk the entire thing, even with reading every sign and perusing the gift shop.


What do you think? Would you take a day to see the temple or would you rather go to the beach?

Hanging Out on the Wild Side

If you research Oahu at all, you’ll see endless cautions about going past the Aulani Disney Resort on the West Side of the island to the Maili and Waianae beaches.  We even had a Lyft driver warn us about it here! It’s not because of wild animals that will eat you or E. Coli in the water, it’s because of the people. Some locals out that way are said to not be big fans of tourists or people that are not local Hawaiian. Our experiences have been nothing but pleasant though!


Besides, how can you say no to miles and miles of gorgeous empty beach??

We have been back to Maili beach and Waianae beach quite a few times, on weekends and on weekdays and each time we have only come across a few scattered fishermen. Of course, it is quite a drive from Waikiki so you’ll need to have a car or commit to a long bus ride!


Because it’s so far from Waikiki, there is nothing touristy here. No crowds or vendors trying to sell you luaus and snorkel tours, just a place to relax and breath.


Or take a nap. 🙂

We did have a very enjoyable meal at Da Crawfish and Crabshack though! It is an odd place on the second floor of a very quiet wooden building with not a whole lot of other businesses.  The seafood is decently priced, but no bibs or gloves here like at Raging Crab so be careful! Everything we had was delicious, and the windows look right out onto the beautiful beach and sunset.

Just be warned, every time we have been here the waves have been small but have a hard pull out and in, so watch small children carefully.  It is a peaceful place to enjoy life in front of a beautiful beach sunset if you don’t want to go all the way to Sunset beach on the North Shore.

IMG_20170804_111706_864 (1)


Or take super cute #instapics ❤

What do you think, would you enjoy an empty peaceful beach or do you prefer the party scene of Waikiki?

We all got crabs

And we liked it!

When on an island, you have to eat seafood. Especially if you are from somewhere so far inland (like us) that the only seafood you can get is either trout or frozen. (P.S. trout is nasty. I’d rather eat algae.)

I bring you, Raging Crab!

They have lunch deals a go-go that include chowder fries and crab sliders. If you just want straight up seafood though they’ve got you covered there too.

First, pick your seafood, then your seasoning, and finally your spice level. You can get straight up pounds on pounds of crab, or grab a combo and get a taste of a few different creatures.


On our first visit (heck yes we’ve been back multiple times) we got a crawfish, shrimp, and crab combo with no spice and just garlic butter. The next picture accurately depicts how we felt about crawfish after trying it.


Not our favorite!

The next time we went we took my brother and got a pound of crab each but this time with “the works,” all of the flavors combined and a bit more spice.  I highly recommend this combo! There was a lot more diversity of flavor which we enjoyed.

They’ll give you a bib and gloves and I highly recommend you use both, plus a napkin on your lap. You WILL get messy!  We even had some misfiring of butter from across the table .. And good luck getting the smell of butter out from under your fingernails for weeks after!

I think they liked it. 🙂

We ended the meal (both times!) with a Dole Whip from the Walgreens down the street. You don’t have to go all the way out to the plantation for a pineapple-y treat!  It is seriously so cool, you buy the cup at the counter and then fill it up (as much as you can/want) at the self serve machine. You don’t get the option of the fresh pineapple on top but it is still absolutely delicious.

Would you sacrifice the smell of your fingers for some buttery dungeness goodness?

I walk the ridge

So as you read the other day, my brother has come to visit us in Oahu!

So I immediately took him on a hike.

What better way to dive head first into a vacation on an island? Who needs drinks on the beach! If you follow me on instagram you’ll know I loooooove hiking (and taking pictures of my food. Who doesn’t??)


We chose the hike Awaawaloa via Wa’ahila Ridge.  To pick my hikes I use the app All Trails which lets you filter by nearest, best, keywords like “waterfall” or “kid friendly,” and length. This is *NOT* sponsored (although I wish it were, hmu B-] ) but it is genuinely my favorite way to find a hike. You can download the map so you can follow it even while offline or without phone service, see reviews that other people have written with tips and opinions, and go straight to directions to the trailhead via Google Maps. That might be my favorite part … I don’t usually get lost on a hike, just while trying to find the start!

The trail starts at Wa’ahila Ridge State Recreation Center. It definitely gave me Idaho camping vibes, it was an odd feeling! It looks as though you have left the island jungle completely. There is also a bathroom there which I was much appreciative of … drink that water folks! The start of the trail is easy to find, but very muddy. It hadn’t rained in a few days when we went and it was still quite squishy and slippery.

After just a short while on the trail, you’ll see it goes in two different directions, one off to the left and down some stairs, and one that continues straight ahead. They both end up in the same place, but the path straight ahead has better views. We went up that way which takes you under the power lines and then came back the other!


Dat view tho

The path shortly after goes pretty steeply down, so make sure you are wearing grippy shoes and be careful of roots that want to trip you. You’ll also be climbing down some rock walls, nothing too crazy though. We knew that this part was going to HURT when it was time to come back! An ascent is the last thing you want at the *end* of a hike!

After that it was a nice shady walk between ridges on a nice flat path. It was pretty cool to think that on either side was the cliff side of the ridge you were walking! For those of you scared of heights no need to worry, the foliage keeps you from seeing over the side. I did find out though that not only is my husband scared of heights, so is my brother!


It is shady most of the way but still, remember your sunscreen!

Every so often we encountered another ascent and descent to get over the peaks of the ridge which was nice to keep our blood pumping.


You’ll see this sign about 2-2.5ish miles into the hike, and you can either turn around, go left down the lower Wa’ahila Ridge Trail, or carry on ascending which is what we chose. Past this sign are some steeper climbs with rope assistance that in our opinion, was not necessarily needed but it was fun!

IMG_20170718_133531857_HDR (1)

Basically Indiana Jones.

This path will take you to Mt. Olympus but to be honest, I’m not sure if we made it there or not! There is really nothing in the area that would indicate the peak, and it is definitely not the most amazing summit from what I’ve heard anyway. We arrived at a pretty nice view and decided to turn back as my brother was feeling a bit of jet lag. The trail did continue downwards and I would like to return at some point to see how much further it goes.


Ascending at the end and building calf muscles

This was a lovely trail with a nice mix of up and down with flat places to catch your breath in the middle.

What do you think, am I sister of the year for dragging my newly arrived brother hiking or the devil herself? 🙂

….And we’re back! With a new face!

Hello everyone! Sorry for the long break!

We have a new face around here:


Do you see any resemblance? 🙂

It’s my brother Elijah!  He is taking a break from life after his previous job was running him into the ground with 12 hour days 6 days a week. Hawaii is the perfect place for a little relaxation.

Side note, most of my family members think I’m in Maui! (Hopefully we’ll island hop over there at some point!)

Since my brother has been here for a couple weeks already, I thought I’d ask him about his thoughts on Hawaii so far.

  1. “I thought there would be a bigger city center .. more skyscrapers, more of a ‘city’ feel, but it very much still feels like island ‘aloha’ life.”
  2. “Just driving around is so fun. It is all so different.”
  3. “I didn’t think there would be as much dead vegetation.” (Hawaiian Summers are HOT!)
  4. “There are lots of cool shoe stores” (He is a fan of the crazy shopping in Waikiki)
  5. “I think it’s really cool how it’s a small island but each beach has a different feel even though to get to a new beach you only have to drive max an hour.”
  6. “I like all the lizards.” (He and I both ❤ reptiles ❤ ❤ ❤ )
  7.  “It doesn’t seem like there are many Hawaiian restaurants, I was expecting more ‘local’ cuisine.”
  8. “The locals are nice!”
  9. “I like the quick weather changes, it’s interesting how it is way too sunny one minute and sprinkling rain the next.”
  10. “I love the hikes, I’ll miss them when I go home.”
  11. “Pizza is EXPENSIVE!”

How to make liquid gold

Chocolate, that is.

For some reason that cues the Beverly Hillbillies theme song to play in my head.

Not too long ago, a friend here was browsing Groupon and came across a deal on a chocolate making class! She asked if we wanted to join and I said “HECK YEAH!”

We had toured a chocolate “plantation” while in Costa Rica, Caribbeans (the photo of the view on the website is from their chocolate tasting open air “room!”) so we more or less knew the process from bean to bar.  I was totally fine with learning how this particular Hawaiian company made theirs though, plus I would get a chocolate bar out of it!


Madre Chocolate is where we went! They have two locations, one in Kailua and one in Chinatown, Honolulu. Both locations have classes about different parts of the process, and each has a different day and time they teach. We ended up going to the Kailua location as it worked better with Brent’s work schedule.

I’m not sure what I was expecting, but we were kind of surprised when we wandered into the mini factory/store and found that it was just that – mini! The place is tiny.


(it is slightly bigger than this around the corner, but still .. so small!)

There were 2 rows of folding chairs that barely fit in front of the store’s counter. We sat there quietly and chatted until the clock said it was 10 minutes past start time. We were told we were waiting for a couple other tour takers to show up but by 15 minutes after, we went ahead and started.

Nat was our instructor for the evening. He is a very laid back guy that you can tell loves the shop and the chocolate making process. Listening to his lecture was a little difficult as his thoughts and sentences were very broken up and not very fluid but he was very informative. He took us out front to show us the cacao tree right out front, let us taste the leather made from the pulp that surrounds the chocolate beans (not nearly as good as fresh pulp!), and while in the back made sure everyone had plenty of room to see the process as he spoke.

He explained how chocolate is tempered, which is the heating and cooling process it goes through to make sure all of the ingredients don’t separate.  When chocolate looks “moldy” tempering has been reversed because the bar most likely melted at some point and was re-frozen without going through the right process. He had ready-to-go chocolate already out, gave us a ladle and a mold and showed us how much to fill it.


I could dunk my face in that ❤

So, while the process from pod to liquid chocolate was explained, it wasn’t shown except through a couple pictures he pulled up on the small TV in the front of the store.

After pouring our chocolate into our molds, we were then able to add whatever mix-ins we wanted from their selection.


Nat explained what each would taste like, and showed us about how much to put by demonstrating on his own chocolate bar.

We put our bars into the freezer and sat back down to hear a little more and do some tasting!


Our favorite was the chocolate bar that incorporated the flavor of the pulp of the cacao pod. If you ever get the opportunity to taste the pulp, be prepared for an explosion of mango-y/pineapple/paradise-y goodness in your mouth!

Nat was so excited about the other flavors that they made that he also let us taste even more he had behind the counter. We even tried an horchata flavored bar!

Finally our bars were done and we were able to wrap them up ourselves. Brent wrapped his up then immediately unwrapped it to eat the whole thing …


Nom nom nom

It was a fun little experience, especially if you know nothing about the process! Remember to look for deals, as I’m writing this August 2017 the class is still on Groupon. If you want more information on chocolate and even get to see some cacao trees and more of the actual process they do have other options here. They even have a whiskey and chocolate pairing class (which Nat says he likes much better than wine and chocolate!).


My beautiful bar for your viewing pleasure. I’m sorry you can’t taste through the screen!

PSA: Don’t put TOO many flavors in your bar – you’ll have more nutmeg and nibs in your bite than actual chocolate!

It’s not always a cockroach…

But just in case it is, this right here will be your best friend.


You can’t say no to 11,000 reviews with an average rating of 4.5 stars. #notanad

Living in Hawaii (or any tropical place really) you have to be aware that you will happen upon a cockroach. Yes they’re scary, yes they are disgusting, but that’s the price you pay for paradise. And honestly, flies are MUCH dirtier and are much more likely to be carrying a nasty transmitable disease.

Coming from a bland town in Idaho that doesn’t have hurricanes, Godzilla sized rats, earthquakes, tsunamis, or blizzards, cockroaches to me were something you had when you had done a bad job of picking up your laundry. Maybe you had left a few too many dishes in the sink and they came in swarms to party with the pizza particles. They definitely didn’t hang out when you bleached every surface and went through your carpet with a fine toothed comb.

Buuuut….after bleaching every surface of my house, scouring every nook and cranny with a brillo pad, and making sure every food item was locked away in the fridge (yes even the chips and bread..) I still came across a nightmare on 6 legs. My first experience with one was when the apartment building had the water shut off for a day while work was being done to the system.  I was bringing some freshly washed towels into the bathroom and I screamed bloody murder when I saw the gigantic beast on the shower wall.

And unluckily for me, I was all alone.

I contemplated killing it: I tried to pick a murder weapon that would guarantee death but also leave me plenty of feet away.  But I just couldn’t bring myself to attempt battle with the shelled bug nastily licking its antennae as it scuttled closer and closer. I ended up backing out of the bathroom and closing the door. I had heard stories of cockroaches being able to squeeze through tiny cracks though, and right before my eyes, the bug that was (probably not) bigger than my fist had squished its body in between the closed door and the door frame. That’s when I finally gathered my courage and he was no more.

After that, no matter how spotless I kept things, I always saw one or two a week. I even saw one in my dishwasher … you’d think that would be a sealed safe haven … but no. Luckily we are not on the first floor or I think we would have had it much worse. I ended up keeping ALL food in the fridge hoping it wouldn’t end up compromised like the dishwasher, and added the silverware for good measure (as I had seen a cockroach in the silverware drawer as well).

Then I was recommended my holy grail, Advion Cockroach gel bait.

Apparently, this is also what the professionals use (exterminators, let me know if I’m wrong!) when things get really serious. You lay down small dots wherever you have seen a roach and it can kill entire populations of them.

Since I bought this miracle elixir, I haven’t seen a single cockroach since. It’s been 2 months! Before I had been seeing 2-3 cockroaches a week.

About a month and a half back, in the middle of June, I moved my bag of potatoes and saw something scurry away. I gave the good ol’ “COCKROACH!” scream and almost fell over.

But I was wrong! Instead I saw this smiling face.


It’s not always a cockroach!




Would you be willing to trade a couple bugs and lizards for a shot at living and working in paradise?