It’s not always a cockroach…

But just in case it is, this right here will be your best friend.


You can’t say no to 11,000 reviews with an average rating of 4.5 stars. #notanad

Living in Hawaii (or any tropical place really) you have to be aware that you will happen upon a cockroach. Yes they’re scary, yes they are disgusting, but that’s the price you pay for paradise. And honestly, flies are MUCH dirtier and are much more likely to be carrying a nasty transmitable disease.

Coming from a bland town in Idaho that doesn’t have hurricanes, Godzilla sized rats, earthquakes, tsunamis, or blizzards, cockroaches to me were something you had when you had done a bad job of picking up your laundry. Maybe you had left a few too many dishes in the sink and they came in swarms to party with the pizza particles. They definitely didn’t hang out when you bleached every surface and went through your carpet with a fine toothed comb.

Buuuut….after bleaching every surface of my house, scouring every nook and cranny with a brillo pad, and making sure every food item was locked away in the fridge (yes even the chips and bread..) I still came across a nightmare on 6 legs. My first experience with one was when the apartment building had the water shut off for a day while work was being done to the system.  I was bringing some freshly washed towels into the bathroom and I screamed bloody murder when I saw the gigantic beast on the shower wall.

And unluckily for me, I was all alone.

I contemplated killing it: I tried to pick a murder weapon that would guarantee death but also leave me plenty of feet away.  But I just couldn’t bring myself to attempt battle with the shelled bug nastily licking its antennae as it scuttled closer and closer. I ended up backing out of the bathroom and closing the door. I had heard stories of cockroaches being able to squeeze through tiny cracks though, and right before my eyes, the bug that was (probably not) bigger than my fist had squished its body in between the closed door and the door frame. That’s when I finally gathered my courage and he was no more.

After that, no matter how spotless I kept things, I always saw one or two a week. I even saw one in my dishwasher … you’d think that would be a sealed safe haven … but no. Luckily we are not on the first floor or I think we would have had it much worse. I ended up keeping ALL food in the fridge hoping it wouldn’t end up compromised like the dishwasher, and added the silverware for good measure (as I had seen a cockroach in the silverware drawer as well).

Then I was recommended my holy grail, Advion Cockroach gel bait.

Apparently, this is also what the professionals use (exterminators, let me know if I’m wrong!) when things get really serious. You lay down small dots wherever you have seen a roach and it can kill entire populations of them.

Since I bought this miracle elixir, I haven’t seen a single cockroach since. It’s been 2 months! Before I had been seeing 2-3 cockroaches a week.

About a month and a half back, in the middle of June, I moved my bag of potatoes and saw something scurry away. I gave the good ol’ “COCKROACH!” scream and almost fell over.

But I was wrong! Instead I saw this smiling face.


It’s not always a cockroach!




Would you be willing to trade a couple bugs and lizards for a shot at living and working in paradise?



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