Things we didn’t know

  1. The animals here are all incredibly different than back home


2.  And there really aren’t a lot of them (going on hikes is weird when you only see birds and lizards!)

3.  Sometimes you won’t know what your coworkers or friends are saying (pau means done!)


4.  The gorgeous weather comes with some gnarly mosquitos. After our hikes, I usually find even more bites 2 days later. Bring the DEET!

5.  Your grocery total will be astronomical. We thought we were prepared .. we cry every time on the inside.

6.  The police aren’t always in well-marked police cars. They are welcome to use their personal cars with just a blue light on top.

7.  Be prepared to bring a reusable shopping bag (ours is monstrous) or pay for a bag when you shop (if they even have any).

8.  Make sure you know what kind of a schedule you are signing up for at work – Brent agreed to a variable schedule and he is now working a tortuous mixture of days, evenings, and nights. We knew it would be all over the place but we didn’t know it would quite be this inhumane. More on this in a separate post …

9.  Along those same lines – be flexible and understanding at your job. Brent is working the same system he used to work back in Idaho but they do things completely different (some of it explained in this post here) and are actually quite a bit “behind” technologically so that frustrates him. Travel techs that can’t roll with the punches do not get renewed contracts unfortunately, at least not here in Hawaii which is an extremely desirable location. Brent actually saw one of his co-workers go due to this.

10.  “Furnished apartment” means different things to different people …

11.  Hawaii is beautiful but it gets hit by Summer heat too – the island now is significantly more brown than it was when we got here!

12.  It will take you forever and a day to drive 10 miles here on Oahu. There’s a reason Honolulu tops lists for worst traffic.

13.  Internet here is actually cheaper than we had budgeted for. Even though buying milk will have you crying, our internet bill as of July 2017 is only $25 a month with no promo.

14.  You will encounter a lot of homeless people here just hanging out in Waikiki or other beaches and streets you frequent – our preference is to not directly give them cash, but offer food.

15.  Sand WILL get everywhere. Just plan on cleaning out your rental car regularly.


That’s it for now! Have you been to Hawaii and been completely surprised by something?


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