The Ocean’s Swimming Pool

I’m sure most of us have visited little tidepools along the coast where tiny fish get caught, sea anemonies catch their prey and your finger, and little crabs scuttle about.

Well how about some human size tidepools?


I had to post this on my Instagram, it’s just too perfect!

These tidepools are right off the side of the Makapu’u Lighthouse hike at about the second sign in. Just go up the trail as normal until you reach the sign with the path to the left. It looks steep – and that’s because it is! Be very careful with shoe choice and small children.


It is quite a ways down. There is no specific path, Brent and I just did a bunch of zig-zagging, following other people, and scooting down on our bootys. It’s steep, but if you are careful you shouldn’t worry.

We had no idea we would be coming across these creations of nature so naturally we were still wearing our “hiking shoes” .. er … flip flops.

But when you see something this cool how can you pass it up!

We got down just fine with some minor slippage


There is also a blowhole rivaling the Halona Blowhole off to the left of the pools. We caught a great video of a gigantic crashing wave and the blowhole spouting several feet into the air.

Make sure to put your items where they won’t be accidentally taken by someone else or soaked by the waves.  Speaking of the waves …



When the waves come crashing in, they shove everything into the rocks, including you. Either be prepared and hold on or duck under the water. As an extra precaution, make sure there are locals in the water. If the locals are staying away, it might save your life to do the same!

Several locals were swimming there when we went and were diving to look open eyed at the fish and other creatures under the water. I really wished I had brought at least my goggles so I could do the same!


We stayed for an hour or so then hiked back up in our super safe hiking shoes.

Would you take the risk of a rocky cliff hike?


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