Honeymooners again

Every day here on Oahu has truly felt like another honeymoon.

So we booked a honeymoon classic!

If you read my previous post about our big long walk, you’ll know our goal was to end up at an activity in the Kewalo Harbor. Our activity was a Makani Sunset Dinner Cruise that we purchased for half price through Groupon (you should know by now we love a good deal!)

We went and got our car and found a parking spot right next door at Ala Moana beach park. You can park in the harbor if you have a harbor activity booked, but it is $1 an hour.

We showed our Groupon at the tiny ticketing booth and got our reusable plastic covered tickets and got ready to wait. We were pretty early so we stood around for about 20 minutes. So many people showed up that we were wondering how they would all fit on the catamaran!


Our noble steed for the evening

We were let on board and I fought, bit, and elbowed my way to a prime location. Just kidding, I actually had no competition. Everyone had actually filed down into the cabin of the catamaran for some reason. We asked the peppy guide why and found out we should have followed suit as they needed to give a safety presentation before we could found our seats.

The captain and two employees gave a funny safety speech with what I’m sure were well-rehearsed jokes from cruise after cruise after cruise, but they were still enthusiastic and happy. After that, we were free to roam.


After getting our signature drink of course!

The views were fabulous, and it was so fun to see Honolulu and Diamond Head from a completely different perspective. The ride was smooth and no one felt seasick.

After 30 minutes or so, the buffet was set up and everyone filed down into the catamaran’s cabin to grab a plate. The ceiling was about a foot too short for my poor giant of a husband! We had potatoes, rice, vegetarian wraps, spring rolls, a beef and veggie dish, spring rolls, and chicken. It was good standard food, we were pretty hungry after our walk though and wished there was a little more for seconds!

During the trip one free drink was included in the price, then you could buy more drinks, alcoholic or non.  They had a deal where if you bought the tumbler “souvenir” cup, each refill was the same price as the small bio-degradable cup. We were good with just one! One lady that had had several dumped her drink down my leg and didn’t notice or apologize so that was fun. 😀


Be sure to bring a light jacket or sweater as the breeze over the water does get slightly chilly.

We sat back and enjoyed the water and sunset, but unfortunately didn’t get to see any dolphins or turtles.  The happy gal came around with a tray of cookies that were small and overcooked which made me SO sad as dessert is my favorite part of a meal!


Everyone crowded over to the side of the catamaran when the sunset reached its peak beauty but we were still able to nudge in and get a shot. We headed back to the harbor as all of the city’s lights lit up which was another stunning view.

We disembarked, tipped our crew, and headed home to get some much needed sleep.


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