Hello! And welcome to our lives!

My name is Naomi, and my husband is Brent. I am 24 and he is 29 (I mean, basically almost dead) and we are travel tech-ing across the United States! With some other countries sprinkled in for a little “break” whenever we can afford it.

Here’s our story:

We met in June of 2013 after I moved back home to Boise, Idaho after college in Salt Lake City, Utah (Go Griffins!).

We met online when I posted looking for friends (yes, just friends) on a forum for our city. He was kind of in the same situation I was, so we met at a Starbucks where I almost died when I saw him walk in and almost hit his head on the doorway. Mofo is 6’6″ to my 5’2″.

From there we had a great Summer as friends and started seriously dating that September. We just got married this February!


Photo credit: Huckleberry Cloud Photography

Brent had been a Lab Technologist at a hospital in Boise but we both had the itch to do something other than the traditional get married, have kids, make money and become complacent in suburbia.

So we took a chance.

Brent applied to several different traveling technologist companies such as Aureus, Fusion, Allied, and Comp Health. He was accepted immediately as hospitals all over the U.S. as of 2017 are constantly hurting for competent techs. The next challenge was securing a contract in a location we wanted and that also needed a tech.

Brent is a pretty baller tech if I do say so myself, and we were able to secure the most coveted location FIRST … which was a first for his recruiter too!

And that’s how we ended up in Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii. 🙂



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